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More...Facts of Life-Fact #3

Joe Klock's Fact Of Life #3

with GREATER SKILL yields a better price.


It is axiomatic that the larger the market you can reach and the higher the quality of that market, the better the price you will realize.  It stands to reason, for example, that sellers working alone can expose their home only to the small segment of the market that can be  reached by a single sign and limited advertising.  It is also important to note that, in spite of the multiple signs and substantial sums of money spent on advertising, these two sources typically account for only about 20% of the actual buyers attracted to a typical real estate office.  The other 80% of the market is represented by the efforts of

cooperating brokers and the marketing activities of real estate brokers and sales associates.


It is also well-established that the buyers most ready, willing and able to act are almost invariably availing themselves of the services of real estate professionals.


Finally, the best buyer, unless he or she is being handled by a skilled professional, can often come and go without making a commitment.


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