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Updated: Wednesday, October 17, 2018
Are You Torturing Your Trees?
Whether you inherited trees when you bought your current real estate or yoursquo;ve planted trees yourself, their value to your property, your life>Ye... FULL STORY ->
Layering on the Luxe: Jewel Tones for Fall and Winter
ldquo;After years of taking our collective home decor in a more neutral direction were looking at you, inoffensive beige, gray, and granite color sche... FULL STORY ->
Is There Anything Left to Flip?
And therein lies the problem. With so many homes flipping and home flippers competing for the same properties, how does one even go about finding a pl... FULL STORY ->
Ask the HOA Expert: Dryer Vents, Noisy Neighbors and Yard Sales
Question: How frequently should dryer vents in common wall HOAs be cleaned and repaired?Answer: Dryer vents are the source of fires and water damage l... FULL STORY ->
How Conforming Loan Limits Are Set Each Year
Here in just a couple of weeks, some important economic data will be reviewed by the Federal Housing Finance Agency, or FHFA. This new data will then ... FULL STORY ->
California Adopts Changes to Landlord-Tenant Notice Periods
Specifically, those notices are the ones known as i a three-day notice to pay or quit, ii a three-day notice to perform a covenant duty under the leas... FULL STORY ->
Clever Ways To Give Your Small Bathroom Some Pop And Make It Look Larger
Cover those wallsThe old-school wallcovering is back in a big way, and you dont need a big space to make it work. In fact, the right print and some co... FULL STORY ->
Condo Renovations: Making The Most Of Your Space
Many buyers are now families or young couples with a baby on the way. They dont want to rent but cant afford to buy a house. Or some, regardless of ag... FULL STORY ->
Easy Architectural Details You Can Add To Your Home
"Nothing jump-starts design envy more than walking into a home with stunning architectural details like interesting ceilings, textured walls, charming... FULL STORY ->
Are Extended Warranties Worth the Cost?
You can argue the benefits both ways.In the fast paced world of home electronics, by the time the extended warranty expires, future technology will fa... FULL STORY ->
3 Tips for Getting Started with Your Smart Home
These simple steps will help you get up to speed, choose the basics for your smart home, and start enjoying the benefits ASAP.1. Make Sure Your Intern... FULL STORY ->
Halloween Decorating and Marketing Tips For Selling Your House
There are mixed opinions on how much to decorate for Halloweenmdash;or if you should at allmdash;when selling your home. Can it actually help you sell... FULL STORY ->
Defining Who Owns What is Critical
Q. I am on the Board of Directors of our homeowner association, and as winter is around the corner, we know we will start getting calls from owners to... FULL STORY ->
How to Choose a Roofer
ldquo;Installing a new roof is one of the most important, and expensive, home improvement projects yoursquo;ll run into as a homeowner,rdquo; said Hom... FULL STORY ->
Buy Real Estate Now
I will have an entire series on this subject soon if there is an interest. We call it "Syndication" and it may be your key to financial freedom and a ... FULL STORY ->
Scary New Trend: Lying About Income on a Mortgage Application
With high home prices and rents, rising mortgage rates, and heavy competition for available properties, potential buyers are feeling more pressure to ... FULL STORY ->
Buying a Rental Property? Heres What You Can Expect
Real estate investors can often find themselves quitting their current job and buying and renting real estate full time. Real estate is an asset that ... FULL STORY ->
New and Revised California Forms are in the Works
In the scheduled >1. Pre-Occupancy Storage Addendum. This form addresses a situation that has been around for years. The house in escrow may be substa... FULL STORY ->
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