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In a world of real estate, there are inumerable ways to attract buyers and sellers. From traditional farming techniques with mailed fliers to open houses to newspaper and magazine adds, to digital marketing with ad words, email blasts, and of course web tools, it can be very costly and deciding what will be spent where is an integral part of any realtors business. Resi offers solutions for any type of real estate website, whether you are a broker, an agent, or full service management and sales firm.

The Resi Enterprise Site is the most comprehensive site Resi offers and lets the client choose from a number of custom options with the highest level of technical support. The Resi Ultra Premium site offers standardized content, however has very advanced modules in your chosen style. A Resi Ultra Premium site is designed to offer full idx service and featured areas pulling all listings from your area in a standardized design, however the ways to optimize the utility are endless given the simplicity of the administration area. IF you are looking to make a difference in your digital marketing, contact Resi today!